Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2012

Monday, 24 September 2012

The road of bones


This book falls in the same class as Animal Farm and  The Hunger games.

"Only a fool cheers when a new prince rises."  This is the life lesson Yuri learns from his grandma. The whole country is on a mission to prepare for the better future to stamp out all rebellion but slowly everything  starts to change so slow nobody notices it but when they realise it the change has been made and their previous lives are history.

Yuri is only a young boy when he is forced to work. In the morning the cold greets him and in the evening he sleeps. When one day a terrible accident happens which sends Yuri over the edge and makes him speak of the forbidden. Now Yuri has to run from everything he has ever known.

A very moving , chilling , sad , scary story. The book has a very good plot and fantastic moments that makes you think about politics and opens up your eyes.  

Also very deep life lessons for example 

"Here is a man who has learnt , if you beat a dog hard enough, all you will have to do after that is show him the whip end"



Law VS Justice

I give this book 4 stars ****

If your someone who likes a bit of meat to their story and loves to dive inside a book booby trapped with propaganda I recommend this book



Kyk wie is terug :)

Ek gaan meer Afrikaans begin skryf.

Die volgende boek waaroor ek skryf na ek so lang vakansie gevat het is Skreeu.

Hierdie boek is ‘n blikoopmaker vir daardie blikkie waarin tieners hulle alledaagse probleme in stop. ‘n Resepte boek vir ‘n tiener se lewe.  Hierdie bundel is briljant.

Jy kry partykeer een goeie kort storie weggesteek tussen die bladsye van 'n dik kort verhale bundel en dis dit. Jy hoef nie meer verder te soek hierdie boek is boek gevul met die lekkerste van die lekkerste die soetste van die soetste dus nou as stories lekkers was. 

Ek kan so 'n paar op noem wat vir my besonders was. 
"Groete uit Alaska deur Nelia Engelbrecht"

Het jy al ooit gewonder waartoe 'n tiener werklik in staat is? Wat die te kort van liefde en omgee rêrig aan 'n kind kan doen? Wel as jy nie het nie wed ek jou jy doen nou. Dit is 'n storie van seker so 3 bladsye. Ek het die storie 'n maand terug gelees en dit prikkel nog steeds in my gedagtes. As jy lus is vir 'n "koue" riller is dit 'n "moet lees".

Dit is ek Lara deur  Riana Scheepers

"Ek is so vet!" 'n Mens hoor dit net al hoe meer onder tieners meisies wat dan nie eers 'n stukkie vleis op die bene het nie, maar wat gebeur wanner die meisie werklik dit begin glo en wanneer sy in die spieël kyk  'n olifant sien in plaas van die geraamte wat werklik daar staan?
Lara is 'n anoreksiese meisie wat weer moet leer hoe om te eet. Dit is eintlik maar 'n baie hartseer verhaal en daar kom selfs 'n paar bo natuurlike elemente voor.

Skreeu deur Jaco Jacobs
Alle tieners weet hoe dit voel wanneer 'n ouer jou so "embarrass" dat jy net jou kop in 'n gat wil in druk en nooit weer uit kom nie. Ontmoet 'n tiener wat se ma so erg is dat al wat sy op die ou end hoor is kerk klokke en skinder stories wat om haar vlieg en die verlate spook van haar pa.
Wat doen mens dan? Jy skreeu.

Al die stories trek jou in 'n wêreld in waar emosies so oordonderend is, dat jy ‘n hele rukkie oop mond sal sit en na die laaste sin en staar. 


ALLES! (Ek is erenstig)

Briljante boek een van my heel gunsteling boeke wat ek nog ooit gelees het.

5 sterre ***** 


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The house of night...

Okay :) so I took a 2 month reading vacation and i am back :()

First off I started a series... not one of the best I have read anyway here it is :

The House of night 

 Well this is till where I read and to be honest I am not sure I want to read further...


It starts with a normal teenage setting and immediately I was annoyed at the way it was written. The author tried so hard to make the characters sound like teenagers that they sounded like annoying robots I can quote a feel lines but it's not worth it.

Summary of the first book :

When your entire world is thrown upside down do you know what that means for Zoey ? It means she does not have to write geometry exam :).

In this book it is a world of vampires and humans that lives peacefully together but vampires are treated like freaks and outcasts. All that Zoey want is to fit in.

The rules in this book of being a vampire is when you get changed (to complicated to explain) you have to move in to a house of night. Other wise your body starts rejecting the change and you ..die.

But even when you are at a house of night your body can still reject the change and then well you guessed it you die. So your never really safe from the change.

Zoey is a exceptional vampire all the vampires has a crescent moon tattoo on their head Zoey is the only different one well here its just like Harry Potter he was extraordinary and everybody gawked at him and wanted to be his friend the same here.

So will Zoey know who her true friends are? Can she trust her most awesome mentor when her gut tells her she can't ? Is she as strong as the Goddess herself told her. Can she be strong enough to stand up to the evil most gorgeous girl in school? And is she going crazy or is she seeing ghosts?

Find out in this book*

Well your themes our typical :

  • True friendship
  • Power VS Will
  • Evil Vs light
  • Popularity or Happiness 

What I hated!

Robot characters with a bit emotion
The over explaining

Don't get me wrong this is a AWESOME series ... but the story is hidden under cliches and unnecessary explaining

For example there is one gay vampire and with every new vampire there is this thing were they test the new vampire to see if he is judging the gay vampire and then they explain in DETAIL how the character reacts and what they think of the new character every time!!!!!! Where they could have just shrugged their heads and get on with the story!!!!!!!!!

Still for this book * * * 3 stars

For some of the book * * 2 stars

So for the entire series * * * 3 stars

Some people will love these books because its easy to follow and to understand  I like a puzzling book that you can't predict

But if this is for you enjoy :)


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Boot camp

Boot camp
Todd Strasser

* * * * (4 stars)
I really liked this book!

This was a very eye opening book.

Have your mother or father ever hinted that they wish you were more like a friend of yours. That you like somethings more and somethings less? Well I bet they have but would never sent you away to force you to become that image would they? Boot camp is about a boy named Garrett who is in love with his teacher. Of course his parents found out they were dating and before he could think of a lie a car was sent to forcefully pick him up and takes him away to a camp. What nobody knows this is no ordinary boot camp this is more like brain wash camp. Garrett is tortured for months physically and psychological. Will he stay true to his believes? 

"you don't get out by giving them what you think they want . You get don't get out until you are what the want"

A very good read!!!

I also want to quote another paragraph :

"Once again I pick up the wrapper then wait for the next order. Joe tells me to give it to him,when I do, he drops it. "Pick it up ,stupid." 
I do what he says."Give it to me."
He drops it.
"Pick it up, stupid"
"Give it to me"
"Pick it up, stupid"
"Give it to me"
(I skipped a few lines here)

"Finally, I make a mistake. He drops the wrapper and I bend to pick it up. Crunk! He knees me in the face. Blood gushes out of my nose dripping onto my shirt.

This was a very good book. I loved it read it in 3 hours. It is terrible and quite traumatizing. You won't ever want to go to a camp ever again.

Themes : bulling, identity , religion , Parents believes VS there child's , torture , forced respect , depression,  
In the end of the book there is even a few real facts about boot camps.
The main idea of the camp is parents pay thousand of dollars a month to get the child they always knew they had. The rules of the camp is simple obey the laws of your parents. Believe your parents are always right and then you get out of there.

The end didn't exactly make me cry but my eyes were kind of watery and it was just sad BUT I won't give anymore spoilers

 I highly recommend this book but not exactly for the faint hearted.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Sara's Face

Sara's Face

If you struggle with your identity... you aint seen nothing yet until you have read this book!

This was a very gripping tale. It was a thriller mixed with comedy and it was just a very refreshing read!

Sara is a girl who struggles with typical teenage girl problems thinking she's ugly and fat. The only difference is when she looks in the mirror she truly sees a stranger. So when there is a "accident" with an iron and her face is scarred is her career of becoming the biggest thing the world has ever seen in jeopardy? What is she willing to sacrifice for fame? Is Jonathan Heat the fairy godmother she think he is or the demon of her worse fears?

I loved this book!

Sara is a extrovert and a very unique girl. She loves changing who she is. One day she is a 20 year old woman trying to get an education the next week she is a girl from Ireland.

Jonathan heat is a very big celebrity who struggles with the same problem Sara does there fear for being ugly. Jonathan is famous for the changes he makes in his industry and later he is famous for his changes. For example when he appears in a music video with a dog nose it is an actual nose that a plastic surgeon added to his face.

A really fun read but also quite sad.

Themes : Identity , Cost for fame , split personalities , depression , insane , selfish

Another very funny book wrote was Doing it.


No way to go...

No way to go
Bernard Ashley

The first few chapters had me in goosebumps!

It is a thriller mystery and a fun read that is set in London.

A little boy Connor can climb any mountain with his eyes close. So, what happens when his sister gets the report he "fell off a building"? Why did he wear 2 different colors in his shoe laces? Could her 10 year old baby brother been involved in a gang?

I liked this book * * * (3 stars)

Some of the chapters were dull and contained paragraphs I just wanted to scan. It was nerve cutting though and had me on a mission to finish the book so I could know what the mystery was.

Themes :
Deals with alcoholism, gangs , parents that don't care, brother and sister bond , parents locked up in prison

 I also want to state that I enjoyed his book 10 day to zero much more then this one.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Animal farm = finished

Animal farm

I have finished animal farm.

First off i give this book 2 stars out of 5. " It was okay".

I did not find the book boring and I will recommend it to anybody who loves a good fable with hidden truths but the book annoyed me immensely.(Reason for 2 stars and not 3)

It was good written because I could feel the suffering of all the animals.
The panic when they took Boxer away.
All the commandments slowly changing
but it's just so sad how anybody could be so blind!

I understand the reason we have to read this book is to ready our selves for the near future to have a bull...dust detector and be able to see when a politician is pulling a squealer and when a politician is a caring snowball.

BUT i still don't see any reason why we have to do it 2 years! They can give us another political piece if they are so keen for us to learn about politics

Still I liked boxer he was very sweet and an inspiration too all the other animals.

Squealer was fascinating I wish i could lie as fast as that little pig without blinking an eye.  In our class we call him the propaganda machine.

I hated Benjamin in the end because even though they slaughtered his best friend his comrade. When Squealer told all the animals he was taken to the hospital Benjamin just kept quite!!!

So in a nutshell
2 stars

Recommended to fable  lovers with hidden truths and also persons who are very negative about humans behaviour .


Friday, 20 April 2012


Francois Bloemhof

So ons gaan terug  in tyd...

'n boek gepubliseer in 1996
('n jaar na my geboorte )

Stephan maak klaar met sy "standerd" 9 jaar. Hy en sy beste pel Derek is reg vir die vakansie by die see. Met 'n fiets kompetisie aan die kom is Stephan met sy nuwe fiets(wat hom baie seksueel laat dink) vasberade om te wen. Dan ontmoet hy 'n meisie en soos dit altyd gebeur krap dit mos nou sommer alles behoorlik om. Is die meisie ( Lisa b.t.w) se pa so 'n "poephol" soos sy sê?  Wat is Derek se probleem met haar? Wat doen jy as jy uitvind jou beste vriend is nie wat hy voorgee ? Vind uit in Francois Bloemhof se dramatiese seksuele ;)  romans Slinger-slinger.

'n lekker boek om te lees.  Maklik om in die storie in te gly... en paar goeie skokke wat jou die sin sommer twee keer laat lees.

Maklik om met die karakters te identifiseer. Ek dink seuns kan dit maar lees dit het 'n lekker sprinkel van  Spud (deur John van der Ruit) oor hom. Die boek sal jou ook 'n paar keer hardop laat lag. 

Dialoog :

Dit was vir my nogal snaaks om te sien hoe tieners so min hulle tale gemeng het in die boek maar die vloek woorde bly tog dieselfde. As jy dit lees kan jy agter kom dis in 'n effe vroeër tyd geskryf.

Dit was vir my so KLEIN bietjie voorspelbaar (vir die jong ervare leser wat ek mos nou is)
Ek gee dit 3 sterre uit 5. "Ek het daarvan gehou".

Temas :

Temas waarmee gewerk word is mishandeling , homoseksueel , seks en vals huwelike.

Maar as jy wil weet hoekom die huise se name "Krom Slinger" en "Stout Slinger" is en nog baie ander bloos naampies, lees die boek .


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A chapter of my life

My idiotic and genius dogs

So I have a jack Russel and I have bulldog.

You have one guess. Which one is the smart one?

If you have answered :
a) the jack Russel you are correct.

If you have answered :
b)  Bulldog you have obviously never met a bulldog!!!

So its a beautiful cold brink of winters morning. I am shivering in my school clothes and i am on my way to make myself some warm cereal , when the dogs start barking.  Now here is a bit of history.

We have a back left door and a front right door the left door is where the dogs eat. The right door is where they usually sleep. Now as the kind hearted woman my mother is she suggests that they must sleep in the garage for the winter. The garage has a doggy door and is on the left side (the eating side). So now we are training our fairly old dogs to go into the doggy door. So easy as pie right?


To continue where was I ... Oh yes the dogs start barking and we lock the right door so we can teach them to go through the doggy door.

Our Jack Russel Buksie storms in trough the doggy door  immediately and is comfortably in his bed already asleep again and where is the bull dog? At the right side door barking like a maniac so that we can let her in.

Now my mother is on the left side calling Zoey the bulldog.  She whistles she calls she screams nothing works. 

15 minuets later Zoey is still barking at the right side to let her in.

Now it's my turn.

We have finally lured the beast to the left side! She is still barking. I call her and look through the window. I beg and I plead to her just to come in! She gives me this look and I can almost hear her say "Bitch please."

So now I am determined. I call her with all sorts of voices. I start barking . I start calling for a taxi (what can is say i was desperate) and then I start to miaow. This grabs the queens attention and she pops her head slowly through the doggy door but when she sees it's only little old me she flees away for her life.

We are going to open the right door tomorrow


‘It’s me, Anna’

A extremely emotional book. When i dropped the book after reading the last sentence there was a box of tissues next to me. I had to use it a few times to get through this book.

It's a terrible story and even more terrible because its base on a true one. It is a heart rending book and your heart bleeds for the poor girl who had to suffer through so many misery only having a ... there is not a bad enough word... father and a ghost of a mother. She had to grow up when she was only a toddler and had to suffer her entire childhood. Its a very good written book and your sucked in from the first word to the last full stop. (less)

Anna crawls into your heart. It's easy to relate to her having to deal with school trouble and also with an abusing dad at home. 

This book is not for the faint hearts out there. If i must make a comparison i would say it has the same kind of cruelty "the child called it" contains. I have only read a few chapters of a child called it because i am searching for the book!! But from what i have read there are similar themes.

If you like a page-gripping-heart-melting-tissue-clutching book you can give ‘It’s me, Anna’ book a try but i will say it again not for the Faint-hearted.   


the innocent's eerie story

Okay so it starts with a gripping chapter and it lures you in.

Then it gets freaky.

I enjoyed the book. It was the first one I have read of para spirits so I don't know if it was a good book if you are looking  into the aspect of para spirit facts.

I would like to say it was original but I have a feeling the author was writing of myths and legends.

The themes of all the different religions started to annoy me in the middle and the which-God-is-real theme. So that's why I only give this book  3 stars out of 5.

If you enjoy tales off the after life , religions that are mixed up, tense novels and confusing endings you can give this book a try.