Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2016-04-17

Friday, 22 April 2016

Reverie by Lauren E. Rico

“The cello is a wordless voice, heaving, and sighing with the weight of her sorrow.”

Title: Reverie
Series: Book 1
Publisher: Harmony House Productions
Pages: 289
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Romance, Mystery , Thriller, 
Rating: 5

I  was lucky to receive an ARC of Reverie by Lauren E. Rico from NetGalley provided by Harmony House productions for an honest book review.

The first thing that struck me about this book were the credits:

For Vanessa, who told me I could.
For Tom, who told me I should.
For Janet, who told me I would

 I started reading this book at 12:00. I thought I would read a chapter to see what it was about and then I would go to sleep. I was wrong. I was very very wrong. 
It was finished by 2:44 AM.


Julia James has always been part of the background. If she passed you, you probably wouldn't even notice her. Julia had to learn from a young age how to go unnoticed not to stand out or face the consequences. So, she became quiet, quiet like a mouse.

For Julia, the only way to escape her past and to release the cacophony in her heart is to be on stage with her hands curved around her cello. 

Then somebody notices her. That somebody is no other than the handsome devil, Jeremy Corrigan. His charm is only exceeded by his talent as a french horn player. Soon he starts showing Julia a whole new world. A world of danger, desire, and lust, He helps her to grow more confident and discover the strength within herself. 

The perfect set up for a Disney romance right? 
This is not a fairy tale.

My Experience:

After finishing this book I was a mushed ball of wrecked emotions only able to repeat the words:

"So good."
"So good"

I don’t know how to explain my experience without giving any spoilers so I have decided to explain it metaphorically. 

It starts off soft and sweet with a pinch of sadness vibrating from the violins. Dragging you into the dark despair of Julia’s past.You hear broken strings being gently plucked whispering of heartache and moaning with sorrow. Then a cheeky piano interrupts jovially and you feel the tone changing from sorrow to thrill.An explosion of instruments bursts through the pages silencing the sadness playing the melodies of wishes and seductive roses. 

You become so entranced with the beauty and power of the pages you fail to notice the tempo slowing and the tone changing. The instruments turn dark and the music becomes almost mechanic. Gone is the cheekiness from the piano that whispered of promise and fun earlier. Instead, it is replaced with ominous tones screeching from an old cello. A false note escapes the piano and all havoc breaks loose. A sound so sinister and so horrifying hits you in your ears it stretches into your stomach and you can hardly comprehend how such a sound can exist. Yet it echoes through the pages and you get lost in the symphony of this absolute masterpiece.

I can’t say more without ruining it for you. All I can say is you have to read it to hear it. When you read it you will hear it.

What I liked:
I loved how the music was described. I could actually hear it when reading the words which rarely happens for me in books. I could feel the vibrations of the strings and the echoes of the horns.

What I did not like:
Brett’s character was a bit confusing. I thought I had an idea of who he was until the chapter where you get to read from his perspective. I felt as if his inner monolog did not go with how he was portrayed throughout the story.

Everyone just everyone. I want to go buy a trolley filled with copies of Reverie and just throw people with this book.

However, there are some heavy themes in this book including BDSM, abuse and sexual assault in this book so I will only recommend this to everybody over 18.

Rating for the book:
I can not not give this book a 5.

It made me dream. It made me cry. It made me shiver. It made me remember and I will never be able to forget this story.

* * * * * / 5  

5 stars. 5 snowflakes. 5 golden medals.

I salute you.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan

Title: Julia Vanishes
Author: Catherine Egan
Publisher: Random House Children's
Pages: 243 
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4.5

I received an ARC of Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan from NetGalley provided by Random House Children's for an honest book review.

The plot:

Welcome to a time where magic is taboo. If you are found with a pen on you that’s enough cause to be drowned. If a match is lit on your skin you better burn baby burn because if you don’t, you are a witch. Whether you knew this or not. Surprise! Unfortunately, for you, this means you will now be drowned.

Julia has learned long ago that an honest job will pay but crime pays more, especially if you have the skills that Julia has. Julia has the ability to become unseen. Not invisible exactly but able to slip into a space severed from reality where others can not see her. 
This makes Julia very good at what she does.

My Experience:

Oh, great hounds where do I begin! 
Oh dear, how do describe this delicious adventure?

How do I describe this date this book and I had?

It started with a strong introduction. It made some light conversations. The book was attractive and it caught my polite curiousity. 
Slowly its charm subtly started to seep through the pages. Its words flirting harmlessly with me. Then it took a deeper turn it looked into my eyes and started whispering secrets in my ear. By the end of the date I was utterly seduced.

I need the next date book in the series now.

Julia is a strong female character with an intense curiosity about anything and everything. She can find comfort in being alone and when presented with new knowledge she does not merely glance at it but she dissects it absorbs it and makes it part of her.

I loved how I was able to connect with Julia. I could relate to her and I could even dislike her. She wasn’t a perfect character she was a thief and unlike many books where the main female character always makes the right choices this is not the case.


“I've tangled with forces stronger than I am, and they haven't killed me yet. I may not be able to change the world, but I am the best thief and spy this wretched city has ever known.”

“I hold the pen and do not know which of us is master”

What I liked:
I loved the third person written pieces between the chapters. It gave a completely different level of intensity of the book and made me that much more invested in the story.

What I did not like:

I feel Julia’s brother, Dek, was not developed to his full potential. I could see he cared for his sister , crippled by disease and extremely smart and perceptive but I could not see more. I could not see him as clearly as all the other characters. I didn’t get to know him. I still don’t know him.

Also, the lack of information of the owl.

This book is the perfect book to snuggle and cuddle with in the winter.
For all of those who loves a good mystery novel sprinkled with supernatural enchantments this one is for you.

I would recommend this to ages 13+.


I give this book 4 and a half stars out of 5

*  *  *  *  / 5