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Friday, 3 May 2013

Beautiful Disaster


Beautiful Disaster  

Jamie McGuire

Okay this book is good.

It was an easy read and a fun one. I'm not going to lie it had me squealing like a grade 8 (yes I know that's embarrassing).

Okay the plot ...

It's that typical relationship you find in a trailer in Texas: I love you!  I hate you! You break glass you scream and curse and then... ;)

Travis Maddox  the best fighter on campus and also the ultimate bad boy. The player, the heartless, the man every girl wants to be with and the man every other boy wants to be. The boy every girl wants because they know he is going to screw them and treat them like trash (Because nothing attracts us girls more than a douche bag or am I right ladies).

Then one day from high above the white pigeon doth came ...Will this girl finally be able to make his heart beat again or will her dark past keep them apart?


LOVE vs Hate
Love VS lust

Recommendations :

I'd say 17 and up. The setting is in the student life and this is mostly a chick book (If you read line 3 you'd notice "squeal" ;) )

What I hated :

Okay why if it made me squeal did i give it a(SPOILER :p RATING : 3.2 )
BECAUSE the way it was written


You get the idea :)

It was to desperate and to specific!!

I had every detail handed to me on a silver platter from the beginning! Come on leave something for the imagination this book was basicly a big slut that just wanted to show itself immediatley to me. I mean for example : if you look at someone do you see something hidden in their eyes the day you meet them ? Do you notice every detail in their frown and describe it with 5 words??? NO!!!! The only reason it aint a two is because Travis is just plain hot :) and the story line was excellent so it was still a fun read even if there were too many adjectives.

Rating (yup you guessed it) :

*** (sad whistle noise...Sorry Travis)