Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: Review Policy

Review Policy

My preferred genres:

Children's Fiction
Comics & Graphic
Computers & Internet
Middle Grade
Mystery & Thrillers
Sci Fi & Fantasy
Teens & YA
Adult Fiction

I read non-fiction books that interest me. 

I have a set framework for how I write a review:

I give a brief summary of the plot written in my own words unless quoted. I am very strict on spoilers so I will sometimes keep the plot very vague so the readers can go and find out for themselves.

My Experience:
This can include how I received the book , How I felt before reading the book. Any experience that happened while reading the book. It will be very honest and I might use metaphors to express what I went through.

What I liked: 
This will range from characters, story development, writing style anything about the book that stood out.

What I disliked
I will always point out something I did not like to keep the balance. This can range from characters, language, concepts, ideas and writing style.

I love adding quotes. The quote will never contain a spoiler and it will be a sentence in the book that launched a train over my heart.

This will usually contain a conclusion for the rating.
I rate with snowflakes. Since I am Snow ^_^!

When will I give a book a high rating? 

This will cause a snow storm: 

A story I have not heard before.

A character that is real.

A beautiful writing style.

A story that has my heart beating very fast.

A story that has me acting like a mascot for a couple.

Something unexpected.

When will I give a book a low rating?

This will make the snowflakes melt:

If a book had an ending that I can't forgive it will not score very high.

If the characters were flat and unrealistic it might only get 1 snowflake. 

If I could not finish the book it will get 1 snowflake.

If a serious situation is being written about and the character does not display   the trauma nor reactions expected and there is no good reason for it... I will not be pleased and the snowflakes will stay low.

If a character is, let's say a doctor and the character does not display the knowledge of a doctor and displays the knowledge of a high school student failing biology, I will be greedy with the snowflakes. I study IT and the worst for me is when there is a hacker in a story and the hacker does not know the first thing about... You get the idea. 

I am very greedy with 1 stars and 5 stars I don't give them out easily.

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