Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2012-04-29

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Boot camp

Boot camp
Todd Strasser

* * * * (4 stars)
I really liked this book!

This was a very eye opening book.

Have your mother or father ever hinted that they wish you were more like a friend of yours. That you like somethings more and somethings less? Well I bet they have but would never sent you away to force you to become that image would they? Boot camp is about a boy named Garrett who is in love with his teacher. Of course his parents found out they were dating and before he could think of a lie a car was sent to forcefully pick him up and takes him away to a camp. What nobody knows this is no ordinary boot camp this is more like brain wash camp. Garrett is tortured for months physically and psychological. Will he stay true to his believes? 

"you don't get out by giving them what you think they want . You get don't get out until you are what the want"

A very good read!!!

I also want to quote another paragraph :

"Once again I pick up the wrapper then wait for the next order. Joe tells me to give it to him,when I do, he drops it. "Pick it up ,stupid." 
I do what he says."Give it to me."
He drops it.
"Pick it up, stupid"
"Give it to me"
"Pick it up, stupid"
"Give it to me"
(I skipped a few lines here)

"Finally, I make a mistake. He drops the wrapper and I bend to pick it up. Crunk! He knees me in the face. Blood gushes out of my nose dripping onto my shirt.

This was a very good book. I loved it read it in 3 hours. It is terrible and quite traumatizing. You won't ever want to go to a camp ever again.

Themes : bulling, identity , religion , Parents believes VS there child's , torture , forced respect , depression,  
In the end of the book there is even a few real facts about boot camps.
The main idea of the camp is parents pay thousand of dollars a month to get the child they always knew they had. The rules of the camp is simple obey the laws of your parents. Believe your parents are always right and then you get out of there.

The end didn't exactly make me cry but my eyes were kind of watery and it was just sad BUT I won't give anymore spoilers

 I highly recommend this book but not exactly for the faint hearted.


Friday, 4 May 2012

Sara's Face

Sara's Face

If you struggle with your identity... you aint seen nothing yet until you have read this book!

This was a very gripping tale. It was a thriller mixed with comedy and it was just a very refreshing read!

Sara is a girl who struggles with typical teenage girl problems thinking she's ugly and fat. The only difference is when she looks in the mirror she truly sees a stranger. So when there is a "accident" with an iron and her face is scarred is her career of becoming the biggest thing the world has ever seen in jeopardy? What is she willing to sacrifice for fame? Is Jonathan Heat the fairy godmother she think he is or the demon of her worse fears?

I loved this book!

Sara is a extrovert and a very unique girl. She loves changing who she is. One day she is a 20 year old woman trying to get an education the next week she is a girl from Ireland.

Jonathan heat is a very big celebrity who struggles with the same problem Sara does there fear for being ugly. Jonathan is famous for the changes he makes in his industry and later he is famous for his changes. For example when he appears in a music video with a dog nose it is an actual nose that a plastic surgeon added to his face.

A really fun read but also quite sad.

Themes : Identity , Cost for fame , split personalities , depression , insane , selfish

Another very funny book wrote was Doing it.


No way to go...

No way to go
Bernard Ashley

The first few chapters had me in goosebumps!

It is a thriller mystery and a fun read that is set in London.

A little boy Connor can climb any mountain with his eyes close. So, what happens when his sister gets the report he "fell off a building"? Why did he wear 2 different colors in his shoe laces? Could her 10 year old baby brother been involved in a gang?

I liked this book * * * (3 stars)

Some of the chapters were dull and contained paragraphs I just wanted to scan. It was nerve cutting though and had me on a mission to finish the book so I could know what the mystery was.

Themes :
Deals with alcoholism, gangs , parents that don't care, brother and sister bond , parents locked up in prison

 I also want to state that I enjoyed his book 10 day to zero much more then this one.