Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2016-04-10

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Crystal S. Chan , Stacy King , Sunneko Lee

I received an ARC of Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter from NetGalley provided by Udon Entertainment for an honest book review.

Adapted by : Crystal S. Chan
Artist : Sunneko Lee
Dialogue editor: Stacy King

“The Scarlet Letter”
The Plot:
This is a novel based on the infamous classic The Scarlet Letter.
In the puritan community of the seventeenth-century Boston was ruled by religious laws. Anybody who was found guilty of sin was executed or exiled from the community. In walks Hester Prynne who just gave birth to a beautiful baby. The problem? The father is not Hester's husband. The consequences of this adulterous act results in Hester to be branded with the letter A on her chest. From an unknown lover to a very outraged husband, this story is a classic that has been retold for years.

My Experience:
This was the first novel I have read that was redone in manga style.
I devoured it and I’m hungrily searching for more.
Even though I have not read the actual piece of literature, I was immediately sucked in by the story. The story was told in vivid pictures evoking sympathy outrage and empathy for Hester.
I was absolutely enthralled by the manga style. This is probably because of my love for anime but I obsessed over every single block with Hester. On some of the pages, I was lightly struck by a picture and it would trickle through my veins and leave me frozen in an ice block of roaring emotions.

Religion VS God
Love VS Hate

What I Liked:
I loved the illustrations. I can not emphasize how much I related to the drawings. I did not need the book to tell me how the characters felt because it was reflected in their eyes screaming from their entire being.

What I did not like:
There were a few times that a set of frames were missing that was needed for the transition of emotions. Since sometimes there was an immediate transition which made it a bit confusing to understand/relate to the scene completely.

Rating for this manga novel:
As this is my first rating for a manga novel I am giving this a 3/5.

*  *  */ 5

A really good book with fantastic illustrations but I do feel some of the strings to attach the story were missing. Especially the story of the scorned husband.


I would recommend that (unlike me) to first read the actual book so you can appreciate the manga more and have a bit more background about the characters.

I recommend this book for anybody who has been intimidated by The Scarlet letter and other classics before but that always wanted to read it.



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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Progeny by Tosca Lee

"My name is Emily Porter. I'm 21 years old and I am renting a tiny cabin in the north woods of Maine for reasons I know longer remember."

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC(Advanced Reading Copy) from NetGalley provided by Howard Books for an honest book review.

After I read the description of this book I was unsure whether I would like it but my curiosity was tweaked. I peaked at an excerpt featured on NetGalley and after reading the first paragraph it slipped on my To-Read list faster than you can say "Just take my money!".

The plot:
Emily wakes up in a remote cabin with no real memories of her past or who she is. She remembers sounds, places but not the names of the places or when she was there. The reason? She had willingly undergone a procedure to erase her memories. 
Emily is on the run from an ancient order that will stop at nothing to find the memories that she had buried. But with no memories, she has no idea whom to trust and from whom she must run. The only person she can trust is herself, even though she can't exactly remember who that is.
Follow Emily in an action-packed mystery novel that will have you on the edge of your seat yelling at anybody who dares to interrupt your reading.

My Experience:
From the first chapter, I was ravenous and very eager for more. I wanted to know everything I could about the character. What could possibly have been in Emily's past to make her erase her own memories? 

The pace of the story started slow and steady and all of a sudden you are on the run for your life trying to keep up with everything happening around you. Car chases, underground orders and forbidden love for more I could not have asked.

The way the author wrote this book is beautiful. Graceful like a subtle dancer making you experience the creaks and atmosphere of living in a cabin and  looking into the eyes of a stranger that had turned "grey like drifting clouds". 

"Emily it's me, You"
"I didn't come to start over. I came to hide"

Love VS Evil
Power VS Hope

What I liked:
I was fascinated about how the author wrote about Emily before her memories were erased and after her memories were erased. Usually, when I read a book about missing memories it feels like you are reading about two different characters. However with The Progeny, it was masterfully implemented the character was carefully sewn together so you can see every carefully stitched detail no matter the knowledge she has or does not have of her past.

What I did not like:
In one paragraph the characters joke about running away to South Africa and living in a rain forest. I am from South Africa we do not have rain forests just normal forests.

I would recommend this for teenagers and up and for anybody who loves action/mystery novels.

Rating out of 5:
I give this book 4 stars out of 5. 

* * * * / 5

AOI Ink Nymphs Los Angeles by Tim Stephens, Nelson Blanton

"Every page is a meter deeper into a wonderland of tattoos and fantasy. Honest, raw and alive."

I received my copy of AOI Ink Nymphs Los Angeles by Tim Stephens free from NetGalley in order to be able to provide a review.
Mama mia! 

This book is simply dazzling. Women redefine beauty with ink and skin.
 Every picture hides a story. 
Every model is hiding a message.

Every page is a meter deeper into a wonderland of tattoos and fantasy.

Honest, raw and alive.
Masterful photography and simply breathtaking portraits.
 Be allured into the world and eyes of Nelson Blanton and be prepared for a demanding paradigm.

Vivid statements echo through the pages intoxicating you with the stunning backgrounds and original themes.

Whether you love or dislike tattoos anyone will be able to find something beautiful reflecting out of these pages. 

I would have liked some more diversity in the themes and nature backgrounds. 

Overall it's a stunning book and I rate it 4/5 stars.