Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2013

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Daugther of the sea Mira Zamin.

 The next book I have for you today is...


Daugther of the sea by Mira Zamin.

Daughter of the Sea

 Don't let the cover fool you this story is no old lady sob story this is a magical , magical beautiful heart tugging novel.

I was enchanted from the first page. The sophisticated style it was written in it was so delicate yet strong. So soft but it punched you in the stomach. I loved this story.

I read this book by accident if you must know but I am so glad I did.

Calista, a young Roman aristocrat is forced to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather. Not only does Calista not trust this man but she fears that he is hiding something , something very dark and disturbing.
One night that gave nothing away that would have indicated it could change their lives a war breaks out and from a sophisticated lady with numerous slaves, Calista and her family are dumped at the bottom of the foodchain.

Will Calista be able to escape ? What is it about the boy at the beach that looks so familiar? What does the strange dreams mean that she keeps having about a city stored under the sea?

Themes :

Love VS Hate

Jealousy VS Loyalty

Rich VS Poor

Power VS Family

Something awesome :

In this book there are greek gods. So you get to live in the Greek culture.

What I didn't like  :

Some characters were too weak. 
The ending left a few loose ends.

Recommendations :

Anybody who loves fantasy , Greek fables , and who has conspiracy theories of what happened to Atlantis...

Rate :

(****)  Four stars :)

The ending was not strong enough but I just loved the vocabulary in this book I wish this book's speech was the nature of my tongue!

Dive into the mystery of Greek legends.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sonder Chocolate Charlie

Sonder Chocolate Charlie
Marga Jonker

Dink gou aan jou passie. Dink gou waarin is jy goed? Verbeel jou jy was in ongeluk en nou wanneer jy naby aan jou passie kom, val jy flou.

Verbeel jou jy was in 'n ongeluk wat jy nie kan onthou nie...

Dit is wat met arme Nell gebeur het in die Desember vakansie. Nell bly op 'n perdeplaas en sy is 'n WP perderuiter. Nell en haar perd ,Chocolate Charlie, was in 'n ongeluk en nou kan sy nie eers die asem van 'n perd op haar voel nie of sy val flou.

Wat is die geheim agter die perd wat Oupa Sallie by die meubelwinkel gekoop het? Sal Nell haar vrese kan oorkom of sal sy verewig swart sien as 'n perd naby is. Sal Nell weer 'n ander perd kan lief hĂȘ of sal Charlie altyd by haar spook?

 'n Mooi verhaal oor 'n meisie wat moet leer hoe om haar vrese te oorkom en weer moet leer om perde te vertrou.

Temas :

Vrees VS Braaf wees


Nuwe liefde

Waarvan ek nie gehou het nie:

Soms was dit soos 'n mode tydskrif in plaas van 'n storie.

Ek gee dit :

**** (4 sterre )

Ek sal dit aanraai vir jonger lesers en vir alle perdeliefhebbers. Dit is 'n mooi oorspronklike verhaal vol spanning en ek het dit baie geniet.

Die boek is geprop vol raaisels wat jou hande sal laat blaai tot die einde.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Beautiful Disaster


Beautiful Disaster  

Jamie McGuire

Okay this book is good.

It was an easy read and a fun one. I'm not going to lie it had me squealing like a grade 8 (yes I know that's embarrassing).

Okay the plot ...

It's that typical relationship you find in a trailer in Texas: I love you!  I hate you! You break glass you scream and curse and then... ;)

Travis Maddox  the best fighter on campus and also the ultimate bad boy. The player, the heartless, the man every girl wants to be with and the man every other boy wants to be. The boy every girl wants because they know he is going to screw them and treat them like trash (Because nothing attracts us girls more than a douche bag or am I right ladies).

Then one day from high above the white pigeon doth came ...Will this girl finally be able to make his heart beat again or will her dark past keep them apart?


LOVE vs Hate
Love VS lust

Recommendations :

I'd say 17 and up. The setting is in the student life and this is mostly a chick book (If you read line 3 you'd notice "squeal" ;) )

What I hated :

Okay why if it made me squeal did i give it a(SPOILER :p RATING : 3.2 )
BECAUSE the way it was written


You get the idea :)

It was to desperate and to specific!!

I had every detail handed to me on a silver platter from the beginning! Come on leave something for the imagination this book was basicly a big slut that just wanted to show itself immediatley to me. I mean for example : if you look at someone do you see something hidden in their eyes the day you meet them ? Do you notice every detail in their frown and describe it with 5 words??? NO!!!! The only reason it aint a two is because Travis is just plain hot :) and the story line was excellent so it was still a fun read even if there were too many adjectives.

Rating (yup you guessed it) :

*** (sad whistle noise...Sorry Travis)


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Gone (like *Poof*)

This book is fantastically original and brilliant it has the approval of Mr. Stephen King himself.

 Gone by Michael Grant


So imagine you are sitting in class.

Some boring teacher is droning on about some war or is busy telling a hit-your-head-against-the-desk-because-it-is-such-a-lame joke. Then...


The teacher is gone. At first, you wipe the drool of your face because you were just starting to fall asleep. You look around and all the children in the class look just as dazed and confused as you. Where is prof... whats his face?

This is what Sam Temple experiences in the first few pages of this book. In the beginning *poof* is an amusing joke everyone makes but then what do you do when you realise every person that is older than you is gone...

This book is brilliant.


I guess you can call this a modern version of Lord of the Flies. What happens when there are no rules and children can do what they want? What happens when children start doing  the strange and the impossible ?

Somebody gets hurt that's what happens.

Recommendations :

I don't recommend this book for all ages... This book contains scenes of cruelty and violence and it exploits the true evil nature that hides in humans.

 I would definitely not recommend staying up until 3 am in the morning to finish reading this book because you will (like I did) jump at every shadow for another hour before falling asleep. If you did this try keeping on the light it helps!

Themes :

Good VS Evil

Freedom VS Captivity

Order VS Chaos

Self-preservation VS moral values

Young love

Rate :

**** 5 stars :D

(I'm not getting soft this book was brilliant)

I recently read the rest of the series. Plague was by far the most terrifying disturbing traumatising book I have ever read and I loved every letter of it.

The series as a whole is also a 5. It is a marvellous series by Michael Grant and I will never forget the FAYZ and the 3000 pages we traveled together.



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Before I die

And... I'm back... Again!

So I did loads of reading this holiday and thus I have a few book reviews.

First off a heart rending story that had me crying the entire time...


Before I die

Tessa is a 16 year old girl who has been struggling with cancer all her life. Until one day the doctors told her the chemo will only prolong the inevitable. Imagine you knew you only had a few months to live... what would you do?

Tessa has a list and she plans on doing everything even if it kills her , literally, I mean what does she have to lose?

It is a beautiful tale about love, true friendship and it deals with death. The feelings that she is going through everyday, and just struggling to stay sane.

There are funny moments as well as heart breaking moments. The first page draws you into her life throwing you in to a pool of drugs and sex.

I cried through chapters and it just left a mark on my soul. I recommend this to anybody who wants to read something different and to get a new perspective.

I recommend this to persons who love to complain about their life(me included) This book slaps you through the face screaming at you LIVE!!!! While you have the chance. Live!! Because you have a chance.

You guessed it 5 stars *****