Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2013-06-30

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Daugther of the sea Mira Zamin.

 The next book I have for you today is...


Daugther of the sea by Mira Zamin.

Daughter of the Sea

 Don't let the cover fool you this story is no old lady sob story this is a magical , magical beautiful heart tugging novel.

I was enchanted from the first page. The sophisticated style it was written in it was so delicate yet strong. So soft but it punched you in the stomach. I loved this story.

I read this book by accident if you must know but I am so glad I did.

Calista, a young Roman aristocrat is forced to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather. Not only does Calista not trust this man but she fears that he is hiding something , something very dark and disturbing.
One night that gave nothing away that would have indicated it could change their lives a war breaks out and from a sophisticated lady with numerous slaves, Calista and her family are dumped at the bottom of the foodchain.

Will Calista be able to escape ? What is it about the boy at the beach that looks so familiar? What does the strange dreams mean that she keeps having about a city stored under the sea?

Themes :

Love VS Hate

Jealousy VS Loyalty

Rich VS Poor

Power VS Family

Something awesome :

In this book there are greek gods. So you get to live in the Greek culture.

What I didn't like  :

Some characters were too weak. 
The ending left a few loose ends.

Recommendations :

Anybody who loves fantasy , Greek fables , and who has conspiracy theories of what happened to Atlantis...

Rate :

(****)  Four stars :)

The ending was not strong enough but I just loved the vocabulary in this book I wish this book's speech was the nature of my tongue!

Dive into the mystery of Greek legends.