Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2012-07-01

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The house of night...

Okay :) so I took a 2 month reading vacation and i am back :()

First off I started a series... not one of the best I have read anyway here it is :

The House of night 

 Well this is till where I read and to be honest I am not sure I want to read further...


It starts with a normal teenage setting and immediately I was annoyed at the way it was written. The author tried so hard to make the characters sound like teenagers that they sounded like annoying robots I can quote a feel lines but it's not worth it.

Summary of the first book :

When your entire world is thrown upside down do you know what that means for Zoey ? It means she does not have to write geometry exam :).

In this book it is a world of vampires and humans that lives peacefully together but vampires are treated like freaks and outcasts. All that Zoey want is to fit in.

The rules in this book of being a vampire is when you get changed (to complicated to explain) you have to move in to a house of night. Other wise your body starts rejecting the change and you ..die.

But even when you are at a house of night your body can still reject the change and then well you guessed it you die. So your never really safe from the change.

Zoey is a exceptional vampire all the vampires has a crescent moon tattoo on their head Zoey is the only different one well here its just like Harry Potter he was extraordinary and everybody gawked at him and wanted to be his friend the same here.

So will Zoey know who her true friends are? Can she trust her most awesome mentor when her gut tells her she can't ? Is she as strong as the Goddess herself told her. Can she be strong enough to stand up to the evil most gorgeous girl in school? And is she going crazy or is she seeing ghosts?

Find out in this book*

Well your themes our typical :

  • True friendship
  • Power VS Will
  • Evil Vs light
  • Popularity or Happiness 

What I hated!

Robot characters with a bit emotion
The over explaining

Don't get me wrong this is a AWESOME series ... but the story is hidden under cliches and unnecessary explaining

For example there is one gay vampire and with every new vampire there is this thing were they test the new vampire to see if he is judging the gay vampire and then they explain in DETAIL how the character reacts and what they think of the new character every time!!!!!! Where they could have just shrugged their heads and get on with the story!!!!!!!!!

Still for this book * * * 3 stars

For some of the book * * 2 stars

So for the entire series * * * 3 stars

Some people will love these books because its easy to follow and to understand  I like a puzzling book that you can't predict

But if this is for you enjoy :)