Professional Reader Snow's book hollow: 2013-01-20

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Before I die

And... I'm back... Again!

So I did loads of reading this holiday and thus I have a few book reviews.

First off a heart rending story that had me crying the entire time...


Before I die

Tessa is a 16 year old girl who has been struggling with cancer all her life. Until one day the doctors told her the chemo will only prolong the inevitable. Imagine you knew you only had a few months to live... what would you do?

Tessa has a list and she plans on doing everything even if it kills her , literally, I mean what does she have to lose?

It is a beautiful tale about love, true friendship and it deals with death. The feelings that she is going through everyday, and just struggling to stay sane.

There are funny moments as well as heart breaking moments. The first page draws you into her life throwing you in to a pool of drugs and sex.

I cried through chapters and it just left a mark on my soul. I recommend this to anybody who wants to read something different and to get a new perspective.

I recommend this to persons who love to complain about their life(me included) This book slaps you through the face screaming at you LIVE!!!! While you have the chance. Live!! Because you have a chance.

You guessed it 5 stars *****